Thursday, January 13, 2011

To Buy Or Not To Buy

Recently I've come across a late 80's 528e BMW. its the faded gold, bronzeit, color, runs solidly, no dents or dings, available for a mere one-thousand dollars. I've become terribly interested with this car, although it'll only be a gap car while I work on my 77 bronco. When consulting previous owners or current owners of a similar car, the results are fairly even. from what I understand though, the pros outweigh the cons. The argument of part availability always shows up. But with the car running smoothly and not leaking I see not a reason for buying parts anyway. And on top of that, a family friend is a licensed BMW and Mercedes mechanic. The opinions in favor of the car seem to be quite positive. It does everything I'd need and built on a civic frame essentially. While it may run with an M20 as opposed to an M30, this is still acceptable being a gap car and eventually a "date car". So I ask you, the reader, opinions?